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Other Activities

Community Library
GO has a collection of over 10,000 books and is open to the public at large. Students from the primary and secondary schools as well as people from the community, come daily to borrow books absolutely free of charge.

Community Resource
Previously, Guyanese Outreach invited the community to enjoy a monthly showing of a family movie on the big screen under the tent. Now all our activities are held in the new building. Plans are being made to add educational movies to the schedule in the future. Family Movie Night has been very popular with the community. Any family DVD movie donations would be greatly appreciated.

Our building is also used as a community spot for seniors to receive their monthly pension books. The local Rotary Club also uses the building for community projects and to distribute aid for those in need.

An annual spelling bee is run by the Rotary club in our building. Students are gathered from different primary schools to participate in the bee.




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