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Functional Literacy Program

For the past few years the founder of Guyanese Outreach, Ruth Singh, r
ealized there was a critical need to help children learn to read and write. This vision became a reality in March 2005 when GO started the After School Functional Literacy Program at the Skeldon Primary School Annex and the GMO building in Springlands.

GO's program is designed to help those children that are in need. There are many children that cannot read nor write at a functional level.

Guyanese Outreach realizes that a child cannot learn to read without proper knowledge in phonics, which is a foundation for success in reading. GO's program focuses on phonics and is designed to complement the reading curricula at the public school level in Guyana. GO's supplemental curricula in sound and phonics have been approved by the Education Department for Region 6.

Current Efforts
The functional literacy program is taught by teachers specially trained in phonics by Guyanese Outreach.

U.S. teams continue to add creativity, puppetry and crafts to make learning fun. The parents' response to GO's literacy classes has been very enthusiastic.

These teachers generally live in the same villages where the classes are held. The majority of them have not been formally trained as teachers. But they are dedicated to improving these children's lives by teaching them to read. The teachers understand that education is critical for these children to have a future and a hope to better their lives. The teachers are paid a small stipend.

GO provides a small snack to these children before class begins since they are in the Public school all day, they arrive at GO at 2:30 p.m. They come to us not only eager to learn but some are also physically hungry. These children range in age from seven to nine years. This program supplements their lessons in the public school. Through the Functional Literacy Program, GO is hoping to equip more students with skills for the Secondary Level of education.

GO's Functional Literacy Program has been a resounding success. The children's grades are improving. In many cases from a "D" to a "C" or a "B". Thus far over 1,000 students have attended our program. We would like to expand the program, but need funding to accomplish this goal. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Adult Literacy
We have previously offered an adult literacy class for parents who are unable to read. It is often difficult for adults to attend classes consistently. It's good for parents to learn along with their children.
We need funding in order to continue offering this course. Please kindly consider making a donation to Guyanese Outreach to help us continue this program

Computer Math
We have expanded the program to include a math component. During the class period, the children spend the first half in the literacy program and the other half in math. The math curriculum was developed by volunteers in the US and then brought to Guyana. This math curriculum enables the children to have "hands-on" tools which helps them to learn. In an increasingly global economy, math is an essential skill for future opportunities.

The government reported that the math scores of students had decreased by 14%. The Headmistress (HM) of the Messiah Primary School asked Guyanese Outreach for help.

GO has started a math program for second-grade students. GO developed a new curriculum with worksheets to teach the children math through educational apps on tablets.

The graph below shows the students' scores increased significantly when using the new math curriculum. 














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